Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's Dedication Mixtape Covers

Lil Wayne’s ‘Dedication’ Mixtape Covers

Lil Wayne's Dedication Mixtape Covers

Lil Wayne released the 5th instalment of his highly anticipated Dedication mixtape series hosted by DJ Drama.

To mark the occasion we decided take a small step down memory lane and round up all 5 Dedication mixtape covers in one post. One thing to take from the Dedication covers are its consistency in design and look-and-feel. Both the illustrations and the black/white/red colour scheme are carried throughout the covers. Lovin' it!… Read more

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DJ Critical Hype & Present: Teen Wayne (Cover)

DJ Critical Hype & — Teen Wayne (Mixtape)

Our friends over at teamed up with DJ Critical Hype to bring you a brand new concept driven mixtape starring Lil Wayne called Teen Wayne… Sponsored by Mixtape Wall.  Essentially, the tape consists of Lil Wayne music form his teenage years.

To download, go to and send out a tweet to get the free download. Get yours now!

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