SKAM2? – Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus

SKAM2? – Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus

SKAM2?'s not only an MC but a graphic illustrator with projects including artwork on Eminem's Slim Shady LP, A Tribe Called Quest's Beats, Rhymes & Life LP among others design project. Here's a look at the official artwork for his upcoming free project, Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus (FMMC), dropping April 15th.

Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus Tracklist

01. Anyone (Intro)
02. LOT3R (Lord Of The 3 Rings)
03. Bagadat (Raw)
04. Anti-Heroes & Super-Villains (prod. by MiamiBeatWave)
05. Lost & Found (prod. by Kevin Rudolf & SKAM2?)
06. Rebel Road (feat. Ill Bill) [prod. by Produced By Infamous]
07. Reckless
08. Phoenix Force (feat. Lucian) [prod. by SKAM2?]
09. Definition (feat. M1 & DJ Immortal) [prod. by Produced By Infamous]
10. Heart Of A Man
11. Headless
12. Murder Boner (Interlude) [prod. by SKAM2? & The Guild]
13. Lay Down (Ugly)
14. Stolen Me (The Romantic Era)
15. How To Boil Vomit (prod. by SKAM2?)
16. Chatter (prod. by Produced By Infamous)
17. Survive (feat. AG Lyonz & Shadowman) [prod. by The Guild]
18. 'Reem
19. No Limits (prod. by Produced By Infamous)

Press Release

SKAM2? - Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus
Since his mid-teens, SKAM2? has been one of Hip-Hop’s most sought out illustrators. A self-taught-turned-professional visual artist, the Miami native has made indelible images for the likes of Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest and Dizzy Wright to name a few. But as an MC, the Miami native has deliberately maintained a lower profile. With one previous project, along with his heralded work with Eminem, Ill Bill, and The Jigmastas, SKAM’s actively stepping forward The Skronik: Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus on April 15th!

SKAM2’s personal views, his love of Rock and Rap, and his illustrator’s eye for detail in his lyrics come across on the DJ Immortal-mixed LP. Guests include La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill, Dead Prez’s M-1, Kevin Rudolf, and YMCMB producer, DJ Infamous. This industry outsider is holding his own party, where individuality, skill, and theme are heralded. At a time when everyone is clawing to be on your screen and in your face, SKAM2’s circus is an ear-grabbing carnival for the ears, the mind, and the imagination.