Marion Write – Black Gold

Marion Write - Black Gold (Album Cover)

It's been a minute since I bumped from new Marion Write. According to his website, I've missed out on several releases. Where the f*ck have I been? Anyway, take a listen as his latest album, Black Gold, and check out the illustrated cover above.

Marion Write - Black Gold Track List

01.Black Gold [prod. DJ Finyl]
02.The Beautiful Struggle (ft. Euroz) [prod. Rikio Ito]
03.Light It Up (ft. Aja) [prod. SB]
04.VSOM pt.2 [prod. Token]
05.Sugar [prod. Moose and Juanito]
06.Sade [prod. Chris Punsalan]
07.It Feels Right [prod. DeAira]
08.Rebel American (ft. Nate Quest and Nick Crucial) [prod. Rikio Ito]
09.Fear The King (ft. P. Fire) [prod. Rikio Ito]
10.Guilty Interlude [prod. SB]
11.Annie Oakley [prod. Chris Punsalan]
12.Ghosts (ft. Reallionaire Jream) [prod. Rikio Ito]
13.Fade Away [prod. SB]