Madlib Medicine Show: Pill Jar (Free EP)

Madlib Medicine Show: Pill Jar

To help kick off Madlib's tour in Asia, StonesThrow put together short collection of tracks from Madlib Medicine Show #1-12. Download the collection here.

I hope they reached out to the illustrator before using his piece for Madlib's mixtape/EP cover.

Track List
01. Static Invazion (from MMS #5)
02. Episode XVI (from MMS #5)
03. The Paper (from MMS #1)
04. What Can U Tell Me (from MMS #9)
05. The Frontline (Liberation) (from MMS #3)
06. African Voodoo Queen (Drama) (from MMS #3)
07. Interview #4080 (from MMS #11)
08. Funky Butt, Part 1 (from MMS #7)

  • Seamz

    Love this artwork. Great style. It’s nice to see that quality artwork has been on the rise big time in hip hop the last couple years.