Ludacris’ #IDGAF Fridays Series Artwork – Singles to Mixtape

The Road to Ludacris’ #IDGAF Mixtape

Last year, rapper Ludacris dropped a free 10-joint  mixtape entitled "I Don’t Give a Fuck” (IDGAF) which featured the likes of Young Jeezy, French Montana, Push T and more! Leading up to its release, Luda strategically “leaked” a handful of singles to  help sustain a buzz which he referred as #IDGAF Fridays series.

What sets these leaks a parts, as far as Mixtape Wall is concern, were the consistency found on the single’s artwork. At a quick glance there’s not doubt the covers shown below feel as though they belong together. The design itself is typography (font) driven, they’re all in 3D and the red and yellow colour scheme are consistent throughout. Scroll down a take a look at the unique  artwork, all of which designed by Mr.Soul216.

 Artwork from Ludacris’ #IDGAF Fridays Series

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