Examples of Dope Hip-Hop Mixtape Covers from Canadian Artists

Examples of Dope Hip-Hop Mixtape Covers from Canadian Artists

With acts like Drake, Kardinal Offishall, K'Naan achieving international success, there's no question Canadian Hip-Hop talent is up to par with the U.S. and the rest of the hip-hop world. The same goes for the ever-so-important eye catching mixtape covers.

With Canadian Thanksgiving 2011 upon us, we've decided to continue our Round-Up series with a showcase of 35 Examples of Dope Hip-Hop Mixtape Covers from Canadian Artists. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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    dare to dream takes it

  • Sarah Gwan

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  • http://www.facebook.com/613victorious Steve Strawbridge

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  • Devine

    A-Game ? Since 1988? Ken Masters? Rich Kidd? Tape files? Someone wasn’t very thorough with the selections to put it lightly. A dope mixtape is one thing, a dope cover is another. Definitely some BIAS selections, I can see the connections leading to such bias as well. You can’t fool everyone.

  • http://www.mixtapewall.com/2011/10/examples-of-dope-hip-hop-mixtape-covers-from-canadian-artists lightamatch

    In true Canadian hip-hop fashion, I expected some dumb ass comment about why their boy’s tapes aren’t on here… or why the guy the be hatin’ on is on here. So, get your facts straight homie, there’s no biases here. I have no relationship with any of these artists. Over 60 covers were selected and only 35 posted.

    Also keep in mind that the covers were selected from a (graphic) designer’s point of view. Not from your run-of-the-mill rapper or internet nerd.

  • Dnice

    digi graph aside, a couple of these are straight rips so why honour them. If it was named best canadian mixtape grahics designer, diff story. dont we want canadians to rep and show our story and not look like trashy run the mill us mixtapes? i like the article and hope for more but disagree about half.

  • Presidente

    Your mixtape cover isn’t very dope bro… these are nice ^

  • Devine

    lol at your hurting remark. The covers I pointed out are dry. So is the ‘It Lives In The North’ cover. The ONLY person to mention any covers other than the ones posted was YOU… I never said anything about my tapes. Some of the tapes you selected were quality tapes, but the covers are dry as fuck. You must have thought you were the high & mighty at making such selections… guess I ‘litamatch’ under your ass considering the emotional reply you dropped. You selected some extremely weak covers (not all, but definitely some that have no business being mentioned.) If you can’t handle others dropping a opinion on your selections, maybe next time you should let someone else handle the job. Either that or you’re not cut out for this… Ps… thanks for mentioning my tapes, I mean only 2-3 of the ones you selected are charted higher than mine. Keep up the good work!

  • Devine

    Respect! It’s one big circle jerk… individuals making the selections + the artists involved with the covers selected + HHC… Look into it. Also look into who LightAMatch, does some work with… it will ALL make sense.