Creative Examples of Animated (Mixtape) Covers

Creative Examples of Animated (Mixtape) Covers

Animated covers might be the next new trend in the mixtape game. It's the mixtape version of what holograms were to comics back in the 90s… A desperate yet innovative attempt to get your attention.

Although I find most animated covers corny as fack, rappers and fans alike seem to enjoy them. If Apple hadn’t killed Flash, perhaps we would have had a better crop of animated covers. And maybe my opinion on them would be different. Instead we're left with crud, choppy and heavy animated GIFs.

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Animated Covers

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  • Kaos KaoticOne Spittastik

    how do I make covers like this and the 420 edition

  • Arnaud Asselberghs

    pretty interesting post… Really cool covers collection… Cheers & respect from Belgium !