Draft Pick: Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek are Reflection Eternal — Revolutions Per Minute (2010)

Today we’re introducing new section on Mixtape Wall called Draft Pick. Typically a designer submits multiple design comps to clients but only one design is approved. Since comps, in some cases are just as strong, we thought it would be interesting to showcase along with the final version. We hope you enjoy it!

First off is Reflection Eternal's 2010 album, 'Revolutions Per Minute' designed by Fhonik. Their dark and grungy “duotone” cover shown below is a stark contrast to 2000′s softer Train Of Thought painted artwork. This time around we have both Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek on the cover, standing surrounded by industrial imagery.

Reflection Eternal — Revolutions Per Minute (2010)

Reflection Eternal — Revolutions Per Minute (2010)

The Comp

Below is what 'Revolutions Per Minute' might have looked like had the comp by Slang Inc. been approved. Although quite different from the selected final cover, this version, in my opinion, is more in tune to what one would expect from a Kweli cover. See for yourself.

Revolutions – Per Minute (Comp by Slang Inc)

Do you have artwork you'd like to see featured on Draft Pick? Then please hit us up.