Draft Pick: LL Cool J — Authentic vs. Authentic Hip-Hop Album Covers (2013)

Poll: LL Cool J vs. LL Cool J  — Authentic  Album Cover

With the release of LL Cool J's new album Authentic earlier this week, we decided to mark the occasion with a poll and a cover comparison.

Back in November, LL revealed what we thought was the official cover artwork and title to his long awaited 14th studio album. Since then, the title has changed from Authentic Hip Hop to a shortened Authentic, and the cover was revised to the black & white version shown below.

LL Cool J – Authentic (Album Cover)

The Comp

The version below shows how 'Authentic' might have looked like had it not been revised. Personally, I prefer this version. In comparison, the visual is much more interesting and engaging. It feels as though the photographer captured a moment in LL's day-to-day. Bottom line, I don't agree with the revision… this cover rocks. Read more about this version: http://www.mixtapewall.com/2012/11/llcoolj-authentic-hiphop-artwork/

LL Cool J — Authentic Hip Hop (Artwork)

Authentic vs. Authentic Hip-Hop — Which LL Cool J cover do you prefer?

So what do you think? Which of the two covers do you find hotter? Cast your vote and leave a comment below.

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