About Mixtape Wall

What is Mixtape Wall

Mixtape Wall is an inspirational online gallery showcasing a wide array of artistic and well-crafted mixtape covers. In other words, we post interesting mixtape covers.

As an online gallery and design blog, Mixtape Wall serves the urban design community by not only displaying great mixtape covers but by also posting album covers, single covers, high-quality urban digital art, and creative themes. Artwork posted on Mixtape Wall belong to the talented graphic designers who either submit their covers to us or are submitted by admirers.

Our goals are simple. We love covers and want to showcase them to the world. We want to inspire designers, artists and others by sparking their design creative juices. We want to provide exposure for designers and artists that have been overlooked, and allow our followers to be visually entertained.

There’s no dodging the stigma around mixtape cover artwork. It took its fare share of flak over the years but we’re proving the naysayers wrong. Mixtape covers have come a long way since the days of crudely do-it-yourself photoshopped covers. The artform has definitely evolved and we’re here to celebrate it.

MixtapeWall.com is the brainchild of Graphic & Web designer Rick ‘LIGHTAMATCH’ Joseph, who launched the site back in 2008. “I wanted a spot where I could post my favourite mixtape covers and share them with others,” explains Rick. “I also wanted to prove that mixtape artwork have come a long way and I wanted to bring shine to the artform”. After months of prep work and fleshing out details for the site, Mixtape Wall was born in October, 2008.

If you’re interested in contributing to Mixtape Wall by identifying artistic covers for our galleries, curating article or offering freebies to our users, please drop us a line by using the form found here: mixtapewall.com/contribute.