50 Cent: The Road to ‘Animal Ambition’ — Cover by Cover

50 Cent: The Road to 'Animal Ambition' Mixtape Covers

Rapper 50 Cent made headlines when he announced his departure from Shady Record. On June 3rd, 50 Cent will release his fifth studio album, ‘Animal Ambition’, via G-Unit Records and Caroline Records.

Leading up to the official release, 50 Cent is droppin' a new song off the album each week. Along with those songs are great artwork all of which are designed with a common look and feel which mirrors the vibe and style of the official album cover shown below. The fonts, colour scheme and wild-animal theme are consistent throughout each cover.

Every week we will be updating this page with 50 Cent’s latest single cover. Stay tuned!

Animal Ambition — Cover by Cover

Don't forget to check out 50 Cent's official website for more info on 'Animal Ambition'.